Planter’s House is a cocktail bar and restaurant that celebrates Saint Louis’s grand history of hospitality and cocktails. We offer hand crafted cocktails and delicious food inspired by historic recipes.

The name Planter’s House pays homage to the landmark Planter’s House Hotel, which stood as a Saint Louis icon from 1817 – 1922. It was well renowned as one of the finest hotels in the nation, and its name was synonymous with hospitality. It was located in downtown Saint Louis, occupying the block north of the old courthouse, on 4th Street between Chestnut and Pine. At one point during its history, the Planter’s Hotel employed the famous “Professor” Jerry Thomas as its head bartender, who was the highly respected bartender who wrote the first ever cocktail book in 1862. Perhaps some of Jerry Thomas’s famous recipes were developed during his time in Saint Louis at the Planter’s Hotel.

The Planter’s Hotel closed its doors in 1922, and the grand building was torn down in 1976. At Planter’s House, we strive to carry on its history of hospitality, deliciously prepared cocktails and food, and its place as an iconic Saint Louis meeting place.

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