Bonded Whiskey: A Class All Its Own

Join us in tasting and learning about one of our favorite genres of booze: Whiskey, Bonded Whiskey. We’ll enjoy a flight of 6 bonded whiskeys that we’ll sample and disscuss, all while tasting some cocktails made from bonded whiskeys. Learn why bonded whiskeys are great for cocktails and are simply a fantastic “go to” for everyday drinking. Taste Old Fitzgerald Bourbon (no longer in this market), Rittenhouse Rye, Heaven Hill Bourbon, Mellow Corn Corn Whiskey (new to St.Louis), Henry McKenna Bourbon, and Old Grand Dad Bourbon. All sampled whiskey will be available to purchase.

Tuesday October 21, 2014, 6:30-8:00pm in the Bullock Room.
Tickets are $25. Available through Eventbrite.

October, 15, 2014