Spring Break is here!

Spring Break Cocktails

New drinks premiering today!

Oh, yes, we’ve got Spring Fever here at Planter’s House.  So we’ve taken all of those guilty pleasure Spring Break Cocktails and made our own fun variations on them.  Our new list of Spring Break Cocktails is kicking off today, so please feel free to enjoy an STL L.I.T. (our version of a Long Island Iced Tea), a Salt, Surf, Sun (our version of a Salty Dog), or an Urban Jungle Juice (our version of the sometimes regrettable Jungle Juice you might have had in college).

Patio, Patio, Patio!

Sunshine, food, and drink were meant for each other

Our patio is set up and ready to go!  As long as the weather cooperates…

March, 22, 2016